tips to prevent and get rid of smelly feet

Tips to prevent and get rid of smelly feet

Smelly feet aren’t funny at all to anyone. Think of a hot sunny day, and you are having a nature walk around the park all day, and you decide to kick off your shoes. Oh! No, you will get a dread lingering stench.


What Causes Stinky Feet?


Medically known as bromodosis, it is primarily caused by a lack of ventilation for your feet or wearing the same shoes every day. Also, teenagers and pregnant women are more likely to get stinky feet due to hormonal changes that induce more sweating.

Home remedies to prevent and get rid of smelly feet

Wear the right socks – cotton and wool knits absorb sweat and will allow your feet to breathe.

  • Wash your feet with antibacterial soap daily
  • Dry your feet thoroughly after they have been wet, more so between your toes
  • Wear slightly open shoes –avoid tight shoes that might make your feet sweat more than expected.
  • Change your shoes – putting on the same pair of shoes continuously can make your feet smellier. Allow your shoes to dry for some days before putting them on.
  • Wash your insoles
  • Avoid plastic made shoes
  • Desist from sharing towels or shoes – sharing of shoes or your towel might allow stinky-causing bacteria from other people’s feet to yours
  • Try foot deodorants or antiperspirant to keep your feet fresh
  • Additionally, if your problem persists, seek medication for topical steroids, anti-fungal or antibacterial treatment

At, we advise on keeping your feet clean and, if possible, go barefoot and get some fresh air while at home. Stay fresh, feel calm, and stay confident by practicing the remedies provided. Avoid stinky feet embarrassment from friends or family members.

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