world's biggest aircraft

The world’s biggest military transport aircraft

C-5M Super Galaxy is the biggest military transport used by the US Air Force (USAF). It was designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin to extend its capability and service, as operated by the US Air Force (USF). The first version of C-5 Galaxy was introduced in the US Air Force in 1970 and the C-5M Super Galaxy was inducted in 2009.


There are 36 of them in active service and 37 more in reserve for the US Air Force.

Details of C-5 Galaxy

It has 4 Turbofan engines of 7 Feet across

Length: 247 Feet (75 Meters)

Wingspan: 222.8 Feet (68 Meters)

Height: 65 Feet (20 Meters)

Cargo Capacity: 180, 000 lbs (81, 600Kg)

Did you know?


The C-5 can fly 5, 524 miles with 120, 000 pounds of cargo without refueling.

It takes 2, 600 lbs of paint to paint the interior.

When it is fully loaded, the C-5 requires 8, 300 feet of runway for takeoff and 4, 900 feet for landing.

It has 28 wheels: 4 in the front and 24 under the wings.

Its Upper deck has a capacity for 75 passengers.

C-5M Super Galaxy can carry 24, 844, 746 Ping Pong Balls OR 5 Apache Helicopters.


The C-5M Super Galaxy can fly at a normal speed of 518mph.

The C-5 symbolizes the American military power as it is going strong a half-century after its first flight.

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