increase your libido

Natural ways to boost your libido and sex drive

Lacking sexual thoughts or desires might cause hypoactive desire disorder hence causing personal distress. However, libido or sex drive varies between individuals, but if you wish to boost libido, there is a range of natural and effective methods to use.


Both male and female individuals can boost libido using the listed methods as follows:

Get enough sleep


Lack of enough sleep causes exhaustion hence can lead to reduced sex drive. Always take naps whenever you can and eat a balanced diet rich in proteins and low carbohydrates to boost your sexual drive.

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is always high, especially when you are meeting a new partner at sight. When you are anxious, it is difficult to get or maintain an erection, resulting in a person off having sex. Always exercise regularly, eating a nutritious diet, and have time for your hobby to reduce anxiety to achieve maximum sex drive.

Work on your relationship quality

At specific points in a relationship, things seem not to be working as it had started. This typically occurs due to long-distance dating or one partner being busy on work schedule. Hence, it is necessary to improve your partner’s sex drive by planning on night dates or setting quality time to have fun together on vacation.

Maintain a healthy weight

Overweight and obesity lead to low sex drive and other factors aligned to low fertility due to reduced testosterone concentration. Additionally, being overweight leads to lower body confidence as a psychological effect. Thus, maintaining a healthy body weight improves your sex drive physically and psychologically.

Quit smoking

Smoking cigarette harms the cardiovascular system of our body. Due to the effects caused by smoking, you may find your energy levels, and sex drive reducing with time. Thus, good heart health is essential for proper sexual functioning

Focus on foreplay

Getting the best sexual experience increases sexual drive, hence boosting libido. Sexual drive and libido can be improved by enhancing physical touching, kissing, and performing oral sex.

There are a variety of approaches that may improve your sex drive or libido naturally. Therefore, it is essential to understand that every couple is different. Experiment with what works best for both of you and enjoy a happy, healthy living.

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