List Of KDF Barracks In Kenya

List of KDF Barracks in Kenya


The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is the military of Kenya. It is responsible for the defense of Kenya and its territorial integrity. The Kenya military size was estimated at 29, 000 as of 2019 – this includes active duty military personnel and paramilitary forces. The KDF has a number of barracks located throughout Kenya. These barracks are used to house and train KDF personnel. The following is a list of KDF barracks in Kenya:

1. Lanet Barracks, Nakuru

2. Gilgil Barracks, Gilgil

3. Moi Barracks, Eldoret

4. Langata Barracks, Nairobi

5. Mariakani Barracks, Mariakani

6. Nyali Barracks, Mombasa

7. Manda Bay Barracks, Manda Bay

8. Modika Barracks, Garrisa

9. Isiolo Barracks, Isiolo

10. Wajir Barracks, Wajir

11. Garissa Barracks, Garissa

12. Mandera Barracks, Mandera

13. Kahawa Garrison, Nairobi

14. Nanyuki barracks

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The KDF is organized into three branches: the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. The Army is the largest branch, followed by the Navy and lastly the Air Force.

The KDF barracks are an important part of the Kenyan military. They provide a safe and secure place for KDF personnel to live and train. The barracks also play a vital role in the defense of Kenya.

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