List Of CJ’s Branches And Locations In Nairobi

List of CJ’s Branches and Locations in Nairobi 2024


The CJ’s is an embellished restaurant that offers a unique, cordon bleu, relaxing and memorable dining experience. Cafe Javas was founded in 2016 and is popularly known as CJ’s. Cafe Javas has 4 branches in Nairobi. Below is the List of CJ’s branches and locations in Nairobi:

1. Koinange Street


+254 792 000 090

+254 795 000 090

Location: Junction off Koinange and Biashara Street, Nairobi

Open: Monday – Sunday 6am to 9pm

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2. Village Market


+254 796 000 090

+254 799 000 090

Location: Limuru Rd. The Village Market Ground Floor New Wing & First Floor Old Wing

Open: Monday to Sunday – 6am to 11pm

3. The Waterfront Mall, Karen


+254 701 000 090

+254 702 000 090

Location: Karen Road Nairobi, 00100

Open: Monday to Sunday – 7am to 10pm

4. Kilimani


+254 712 000 033

+254 712 000 011

Location: Wood Avenue and Agwings Kodhek Junction

Open: Monday to Sunday – 6am to 10pm

CJ’s offers casual dining, international cuisines, diverse cuisine styles such as vegetarian, vegan and gluten free styles. Payment options available at CJ’s include Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Mpesa.

Who Owns the List of the Famous CJ’s Restaurant?

The CJ’s restaurant is registered under the Mandela Group of Companies, which was founded by Ahmed Omar Mandela – a Kampala-based entrepreneur and tycoon. The Mandela Group of Companies is the parent company to CJ’s among other entities, including City Tyres, City Lubes, City World, Savers, Fodhub, Mandela Millers and Mandela Auto Spares.

Why Cafe Javas is Known as CJ’s in Kenya

Cafe Javas originates from Uganda. When Cafe Javas announced the entrance into the Kenyan market a court order was issued blocking their entry. Kenya’s Java house claimed the name ‘Cafe Javas’ would cause a trademark infringement. As a result, Cafe Javas had to rebrand to CJ’s restaurant. For that reason, Cafe Javas operates as CJ’s in the Kenyan market. All in all, the CJ’s is a unique restaurant that offers exclusive and tailored dinning experience in the Kenyan hotel and hospitality industry.

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