Attorney General Salary and Allowances Per Month in Kenya

Attorney General Salary and Allowances Per Month in Kenya


The Attorney General of Kenya is a pivotal figure in the legal landscape of the country. As the chief legal advisor to the government, the Attorney General plays a significant role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice prevails. This article aims to shed light on the salary and allowances that the Attorney General receives each month in Kenya, providing an in-depth understanding of this critical position’s compensation.


The current salary of the Attorney General of Kenya is Ksh 990,000 per month according to SRC. The gross salary includes:

Monthly Remuneration for the Attorney General in KenyaPay (Ksh)
Basic Salary594,000
House Allowance200,000
Commuter AllowanceOfficial
Salary Market Adjustment196,000
Gross Salary990,000
Table: Monthly Gross Salary of the Attorney General in Kenya

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In addition to their salary, the Attorney General also receives a number of allowances, including:

  • Medical cover for one spouse and up to four children under the age of twenty-five
  • Car loan of up to Ksh 10 million
  • Mortgage of up to Ksh 40 million
  • Daily subsistence allowance for domestic and international travel
  • Monthly airtime allowance
  • Security team

The current Attorney General of Kenya is Justin B. N. Muturi. The Attorney General’s role in Kenya’s legal framework is undeniably significant, and their salary and allowances reflect the importance of their position.

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