6 Things She enjoys but won’t tell you in a Relationship

Women are always thinking, secretive and always find it hard to speak their minds out. Women are the most affectionate and caring mothers and love achieving more than what they want.


In most cases, she will keep things to herself rather than telling you. As a man, you ought to work on certain things that she enjoys but won’t tell you.

Below are 6 things women enjoy but won’t tell you.

She wants Romance

Every night can’t be chocolates and roses. She will always enjoy a relationship that she believes is a source of his happiness, care and love. Whether you have partnered for one month, three or even six years romantic gestures will help cut the monotony and boredom in a relationship. With romance she will feel glamorous than the movies!

Call her often


For men who call their partners often can testify to this. If a relationship is going to work, you need communication for a lasting bond. She always enjoys it when you call every day and have a fun conversation. She will often, feel free and if you are lucky enough, you will be closer than ever.

Always keep them company

She enjoys your company forgetting all the loneliness more so if she likes you. She will hardly submit to be enjoying your company. Always give her company and don’t wait until she asks for it.

She always enjoys patience


She will always enjoy something coming up, expectant or worth the price. She will never tell you to be calm and wait forever but when you are in the process of being patient it gives her an awesome feeling.


A guy who is reliable is true to treasure, women can testify to this. She always wants you on time and be there when she needs you. She always enjoys you as a keeper, no matter what but won’t tell you. However, men with such traits are rare!!

Spend on her and give her money

You don’t need to be told, women enjoy it when you spend on them no matter what. As a man always make her feel special and cherished. She will always compliment your smile, kindness or just for being you, but won’t tell you directly. No woman doesn’t enjoy when her man spends with her, but won’t tell despite the inner appreciation she gets.

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